The Benefit of Actor Headshots NYC Photography

Why Actor Headshots?

As an actor, the beginning of auditioning means having your actor’s marketing kit ready. This means having a resume, acting show-reel and headshots ready. It can be quite a challenging task for actors when searching for the professional actor’s headshot photographer that is right for them.

Most actors realize the quality of their headshots can determine if they will have the opportunity to succeed as an aspiring actor or entertainer. Quality headshots can get an actor noticed and nudge the casting directors to consider them for the job or role for which they are the right type.

New York City is known to be the hub of the most professional headshots for actors. The moment you have decided to take up a career in acting, you should get headshots taken that represent the most cast-able qualities of your presence.  Then start emailing them out to acting agencies that are looking to hire someone like you.

The Importance of a Portfolio of Unique Headshots

In many instances, casting directors consider awarding specific roles to an actor based on their look and physical attributes.  Looks come first in many of the decisions, helping open the door for very significant roles in movies, commercials, stage plays, and fashion gigs. Headshot photography is a way to showcase your physical appearance, presence and unique qualities in a way that is unrivaled. Your shots have to reflect you, not just the style of the photographer who took them.  Your shots should make you stand apart from the field of actors and pull the casting director or agent in. Experienced headshot photographers are keenly aware of this and know how to accentuate their client’s physical attributes and bring them to the fore in photographs.

For actors, models, and anyone pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, working with the best headshot photographer to create their portfolio of unique headshots should be viewed as the top priority. That aspect of your career is at least as important than having the best training, showreel or resume.
Unique headshots have benefited many actors in the following ways:

• Many actors have reported that they have had more auditions and get called in for the parts they are right for.
• Actors with compelling shots find it easier to sign with agents as the shot does the groundwork for them.
• Awesome headshots attract the attention of busy casting directors, who sometimes receive hundreds of shots a day.
• It is a fact that a great headshot will make you stand out from the crowd and get noticed more quickly.  The door to opportunity is kicked wide open.

Headshot Photography Costs

How much does actor headshots cost? The prices for headshots photography sessions in NYC vary depending on many factors. Some photographers charge from as low as $99 for a session, while others can go as high as $1000 or maybe higher. The rates are typically displayed on the websites of independent photographers online.

It is essential to go through several photographers and check out their portfolio. Many of them exhibit quality work, however as Joe Henson, of Joe Henson Photography, so eloquently puts it,

“Be aware of the flavor-of-the-month photographer. The photographer who makes a big splash, but can’t deliver consistent results over time or creates the same look stamped on every client they shoot, effectively telling the viewer more about who took the photo than who the subject is. New York City is the land of hype and lemmings form a line at every cliff face along the Hudson River. Most photographers in the range from $350 to $1000 would probably do a fairly competent job, but the best shots come from a collaboration between a great professional that you connect with personally and feel comfortable with, and an actor who accepts some responsibility in the process. And a word to the wise, most headshot photographers talk a good game, so make sure that you compare photographs between photographers, that way you will see the sometimes subtle, sometimes glaring differences between someone who is just taking a photo, and someone who is crafting and inspiring a powerful, engaging image.”

Acclaimed Actor Headshot Photographer Joe Henson

New York based photographer, Joe Henson, of Joe Henson Photography in Manhattan, is at the top of his game and is widely considered one of the best headshot photographers in the region. More actors have had their headshots taken by Joe Henson than any other photographer in NYC. His extensive portfolio contains images of over 17,000 clients, including famous actors such as Annette Bening, Tyler Perry, Dick Cavett, Doc Severinsen, J.K. Simmons, to name a few. Joe Henson’s commercial works have been exhibited in numerous magazines, including Vogue, “O” The Oprah Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Wired, TV Guide, Soap Opera Digest and the New York Times. Joe Henson Photography makes regular trips to Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Norfolk taking their high quality headshot photography services to other local markets.

For out of town inquiries about travel dates visit or to sign up for a shoot, please call the studio at 212-463-0575.

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