New Profile Shot for Joe Henson Photography Hair and Makeup Artist – Kerry-Lou!


Kerry-Lou Brehm, Hair and Makeup Artist for Joe Henson Photography

Kerry-Lou is my super-talented Hair and Makeup Artist! See her work at and, of course, all over my portfolio. Kerry-Lou and I have been a team for the past 13 years and the result of that experience together is a psychic connection and seamless execution of our shared artistic vision.  Those of you who have shot with us know that it’s hard to tell where she begins and I end. But just as the cobblers’ children go without shoes, we rarely have time to update Kerry-Lou’s promo shots and create a new profile shot for her website. A few days ago an opportunity presented itself and we took the time to shoot, just for us. As those who have worked with Kerry-Lou might expect, she worked the camera like a star, and the result almost does her justice…

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