Personal Work

I make my living as a portrait photographer, specializing in Headshots for actors, performers, corporate executives, politicians, writers, families, children, and anyone who needs a compelling, attractive, and accurate image to present to the world.  The best technique I know of to keep my style fresh and my skill-set expanding is to experiment and constantly push myself to learn different tools and implement their use.  I use my personal work as a laboratory where I conceive of an image and work it through to completion.  My current interest is using light and shade in a more dramatic and contrasty way.  With the advent of digital photography and the availability of lighting lessons online, the amount of people who can slap a softbox on a strobe and create a soft even light has made it feel overused and boring to me.  It takes more skill to carve and shape with light and shadow.  And it takes practice to learn which modifiers to use and fine tune how to place the light for maximum effect.

This year we met Sarah Gaugler, the owner of Snow Tattoo, a unique private tattoo studio in Chelsea.  Anyone who has met Sarah or perhaps seen her perform in her band, Turbo Goth, has felt the impact of her charisma and creativity.  And Kerry-Lou and I have been wanting to collaborate with her on an image, and finally had the time to develop a concept and shoot it.  A “Succubus” is a mythological female demon who visits men at night and steals their souls (and perhaps tattoos her brand upon their vanquished bodies).  Shout outs go to Sarah Gaugler as the Succubus, Flynn Skidmore as the hapless victim, Sarah’s Hair, Make-up and Horns by Kerry-Lou Brehm, and Flynn’s Hair, Make-up, and Tattoos by Nicolae Rita.  Here is “Succubus”…



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