Susannah wearing Camilla Franks’ Kaftan with Hair, Make-up and Body Painting by Kerry-Lou!

Kerry-Lou, my amazing Hair and Make-up Stylist and Partner worked with Australian designer, Camilla Franks recently.  Camilla designs elegant, sensual kaftans with colorful, handmade graphic prints.  You can check out her story and current line at her new website. Kerry-Lou was inspired to create a series of images incorporating airbrush body paint and Camilla’s beautiful Kaftans. I was only too happy to help and so last Sunday, Kerry-Lou, our lovely Muse Susannah, and I endeavored to illustrate the emotional effect generated by wearing Camilla’s gorgeous designs. Image number 1, voila! You can see more of Kerry’s wonderful work at! Photography by Joe Henson.

Susannah wearing Camilla Franks’ Kaftan and Body Paint by Kerry-Lou. Photography by Joe Henson.

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