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The Benefit of Actor Headshots NYC Photography

Why Actor Headshots? As an actor, the beginning of auditioning means having your actor’s marketing kit ready. This means having a resume, acting show-reel and headshots ready. It can be quite a challenging task for actors when searching for the professional actor’s headshot photographer that is right for them. Most actors realize the quality of Read more about The Benefit of Actor Headshots NYC Photography[…]

Calling All Comedians! Part 1

I love shooting headshots for comedians!  It’s outrageous fun to spend time with someone whose job it is to see things from a fresh perspective, and it boosts the creativity quotient in the shoot to red line levels!  I like to approach the session from two perspectives, first – capture an image that resonates with Read more about Calling All Comedians! Part 1[…]

Next Level Headshots – Unique Headshots for Unique Individuals

When you land on a headshot photographer’s website, one of the first things you notice is that photographer’s overall style.  Do you see prominent similarities to the headshots in the portfolio?  Are the shots all lit in the same way?  All natural light, or all studio light?  How about the background, is it repeated throughout Read more about Next Level Headshots – Unique Headshots for Unique Individuals[…]

Kerry-Lou’s New Line of Make-up Brushes

Kerry-Lou is my wife and chief Hair and Make-up Artist.  We’ve been working together for over 16 years and have done thousands of shoots.  Those of you who are lucky enough to have worked with Kerry-Lou know the skill and care that she brings to every shoot.  Today, we are proud to announce the launch Read more about Kerry-Lou’s New Line of Make-up Brushes[…]

Shooting Brian Regan

Shooting comics is a blast!  We’ve done sessions with Rita Rudner, Lisa Lampanelli, John Henson (of course), Soupy Sales, and we recently had a super fun shoot with world class comic, Brian Regan!  Brian is coming off of the first live stand-up comedy TV special in Comedy Central history, “Brian Regan – Live from Radio Read more about Shooting Brian Regan[…]

“Camera Presence” explained by NYC Headshot Photographer, Joe Henson

The most mysterious and fascinating aspect of portraiture and headshot photography is “Camera Presence”.   “Camera Presence” refers to the ability of the subject to make direct contact with the viewer of the photograph.  You, as the viewer feel the impact and immediacy of their gaze, a connection is established.  The sitter becomes an active communicator, Read more about “Camera Presence” explained by NYC Headshot Photographer, Joe Henson[…]

Inside the Mind of a Headshot Photographer – Part Tres

I remember reading Andre Gregory’s description of an impromptu headshot session he had with Richard Avedon (who sits at the head of the table in my Pantheon of the Photographic Gods), wherein Avedon riffed through aspects of Gregory’s presence at warp speed – moving a light here, changing an angle there, tossing out direction like a possessed artist, Read more about Inside the Mind of a Headshot Photographer – Part Tres[…]

Personal Work

I make my living as a portrait photographer, specializing in Headshots for actors, performers, corporate executives, politicians, writers, families, children, and anyone who needs a compelling, attractive, and accurate image to present to the world.  The best technique I know of to keep my style fresh and my skill-set expanding is to experiment and constantly Read more about Personal Work[…]

Top 10 Headshot Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

I have been a professional headshot photographer for more years than most of you have been alive. At last count I have photographed over 17,000 clients including celebrities such as Tyler Perry, Annette Bening, “King Ad-Rock” of the Beastie Boys, Selma Blair, Dick Cavett and about 16, 995 others. I’m not the loudest, or the Read more about Top 10 Headshot Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them[…]

New work with a longtime friend…

Kerry-Lou and I recently had the pleasure of shooting Susannah Solis…yet again! Our first shoot with Susannah was over 9 years ago, and since then we have done her headshots every couple of years and worked with her on multiple portfolio shoots. Our longterm relationship has formed a wonderful friendship and also an inspiring collaboration. Read more about New work with a longtime friend…[…]