Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead

Check out “Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead“, a recently published coffee table book profiling the writers and artists who made the National Lampoon insanely great.  The image rich book, written by Rick Meyerowitz, the artist who created one of the best known Nat Lamp covers ever, the Mona Gorilla Da Vinci cover, tells the story of the Counter-Culture’s funniest and most provocative magazine from an insider’s prospective.

The book features my photograph of Ed Subitzky, a brilliant (and still living!) cartoonist.  I remember his shoot well for two reasons, one that he was the epitome of the mild-mannered, bald guy with glasses; and two, that his partner Susan seemed to share a psychic link with Ed and spoke for him throughout the entire experience.  “Ed would like the photo to reflect…” she would say, while Ed smiled and shyly nodded.  I’m not sure I ever even heard Ed speak throughout the shoot.  My guess is that he speaks through his detailed and psychologically subversive cartoons which you can sample in Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead.  Go Ed!  “Blessed are the meek!”


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