New York Headshot Photographer Joe Henson photographs Marja Vongerichten, hostess of PBS’s “Kimchi Chronicles”

Last week we had the exciting opportunity to create the new publicity photo for Marja Vongerichten, a previous client who is now the hostess for “Kimchi Chronicles” on PBS. “Kimchi Chronicles” is part travelogue, part food narrative, and part documentary of self-discovery. Marja, a Korean American-Adoptee, explores Korean food and culture, and her unique life story is told throughout the series. In the show, viewers experience Korea through Marja’s distinct perspective. “Kimchi Chronicles” features Marja, her husband, celebrated chef and New York restauranteur, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and other special guests including actress Heather Graham, and actor Hugh Jackman. Check it out on PBS!

Marja Vongerichten Hostess of PBS's Kimchi Chronicles

Marja Vongerichten
Hostess of PBS’s Kimchi Chronicles

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