NY Headshot with Marian Fontana Author of “A Widow’s Walk”

My career brings me in contact with fascinating people. I love meeting and working with clients whose lives and experiences inspire and elevate us all. Marian Fontana is such a person. Marian lost her husband, a firefighter from Squad 1 in Park Slope, in the 911 World Trade Center attack. A single mother raising her 5 year old son, Aiden, she channeled her grief into action and creation, writing “A Widow’s Walk” which is a compelling memoir of her experience. Marian’s story was selected on “The New York Times” best selling memoir list and was chosen as the Top Ten Great Reads of 2005 by “People” magazine and “The Washington Post’s” Book Raves of 2005.  She also founded and was President of the 911 Widows and Victims’ Families Association. Her honesty and humor have served to help her navigate through the heartbreak and trauma she has endured. Her new publicity photos are the heralding of a resurgence in her performing and acting career. Marian is talented, inspirational, and totally unique! And it was an honor to help her create her new headshot!

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