Sometimes it’s just about fun!

I recently had an old friend, Scott Baker, actor extraordinaire and master of the arcane sideshow culture, come to the studio.  We are both fans of the old Horror Movies of the 60’s.  For my 10th birthday party, my Mother rented an projector and showed “Village of the Damned” in my basement.  The cement walls echoed with screams and laughter!  Vincent Price was our idol.  We’ve talked about films like “The Tingler” which was about a parasite that attached to the victim’s spine and took control of their body.  At the premiere the seats were actually wired to give a mild shock to the movie-goer whenever the shadow of the “Tingler” crossed over the screen!  It was evident that we had to shoot an homage to the old days of Thriller and Twilight Zone.  So here it is…dare to look into “The Hypnotic Eye”!!!!!!!!

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