Headshot in NYC with Actor John Henson, Host of ABC’s Wipeout, Talk Soup, and youngest brother!

Only a photographer can get away with shooting his own brother and not doing prison time! I’m lucky enough to have four brothers and we’re as tight as Bruce Jenner’s facelift! Once a year we go away with my father for a long weekend of bonding, imbibing, and testosterone induced mayhem. We call it “Stag 6” and the slogan is “No women, no kids, no excuses!”. The details of our excursions will remain a mystery, but suffice it to say all the world’s a man-cave if you have the right company!

So, Johnny was in town this weekend for a taping of Mario Batali’s “The Chew” and we took the opportunity to update his publicity shots. As you probably know, Johnny is John Henson, host of the top rated ABC show, Wipeout. I’ve been shooting Johnny’s promo photos ever since the early stand-up days before Talk Soup. He’s 14 years younger than me and I used to have a poster on my studio wall of his comedy shot until one of my clients saw the name and said “Oh, is that your son?” I took it down as soon as she left. This weekend we wanted to capture his presence in a unique way and chose to incorporate a series of images that could be melded into a fun montage revealing as many facets of his persona as possible. Here is the first rendition of the montage…and by the way, the shoot was followed by dinner at Mario Batali’s Babbo Restaurant in the village and Oh My God…most amazing dinner I’ve had in my life! One of the perks of shooting your brother! And watch my website for the new images from this shoot that will crop up imminently!

John Henson
Host of ABC’s Wipeout
© Joe Henson 2012, All Rights Reserved

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