Next Level Headshots – Unique Headshots for Unique Individuals

Meghan Roberts

When you land on a headshot photographer’s website, one of the first things you notice is that photographer’s overall style.  Do you see prominent similarities to the headshots in the portfolio?  Are the shots all lit in the same way?  All natural light, or all studio light?  How about the background, is it repeated throughout the entire portfolio?  How about the expressions, are they all similar but just with different faces?  More often than not, what I’ve just described is the case with 90% of the headshot photographers out there.  Why is that?  It’s because once a photographer has settled into a style or vision, it is easy to begin repeating that style on every client walking in the door.   The lights stay set up and frozen in place, the angles stay the same, maybe even shooting on a tripod, locking in the same perspective shot after shot.  Individuality is sacrificed for predictability.  Unfortunately for you, it’s your individuality that is sacrificed.  To all of that I say “Hell no!”  The thing I love best about portrait photography is the process of using what I know about light and shade, angles, and lenses, expressions and energy to make each shot I take a quest for uniqueness.  I want to use my knowledge and mastery of techniques to help my clients translate who they are into a powerful statement, not a cookie cutter copy of my last headshot!  No, I can’t reinvent the wheel for each person I shoot, but I can promise that every person I shoot will get their session created through a wide range of possibilities.  I love photography, and I love the process of interpreting my clients though the palette of my abilities.   It keeps me connected and inspired as I continue to evolve and expand my knowledge and skill.  And my clients benefit by receiving photographs that reflect qualities unique to them, not photographs that look like they were stamped out on a conveyor belt.  That’s the crucial ingredient for Next Level Headshots!


Susannah Solis


Bill Thorpe

Mickey Solis

Meghan Shea

Will Julian


David Morgan

David Lee Nelson

Mike “Wheels” Parisi

Brian Regan












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