October 9, 2012


Knox-Joe-Henson-Best-Headshot-Photographer-NYC-NY-New-York-Actor-Photographer-Boston-WashingtonDC-pricepage20140204_0183Websites are a great way to see examples of a photographer’s work, but nothing beats a face to face meeting or a chat on the phone to discuss your needs and my approach. Come in or call for a free consultation before you choose a photographer! Call to set up an appointment, I’ll be happy to show you around the studio and explain how we can work to achieve the most effective shots possible.
Our shoot packages are divided into how many “looks” you choose to capture. We define a “look” as a major change of Hair/Make-up, Setting, Lighting, Background or Location. We take pride in giving our clients a wide range of variety in their session. Our goal is to use every element of the photograph to generate distinct, unique, fully-realized images. Simply changing clothes and slightly altering styling in front of the same background just doesn’t cut it as a “look” change with us. We are happy to earn our pay by providing maximum effort in every shot we take. And we have structured and priced our sessions so that there is a package available for most budgets. And a quick note about the unlimited exposures and unlimited looks that many photographers are offering – I’m actually working in the opposite direction, understanding how to market a client and how to style a shot and when to take it doesn’t require unlimited anything. I want to be the zen photographer who knows how to take a shot and make it count. I joke that one day my rate sheet will read “One exposure will be taken.” 🙂 Until then, we offer the following packages:

$695 – 4 Look Full Publicity Session includes:

  • Approximately 250 digital captures (sessions usually last between 2-3 hours for men and 2 1/2 to 4 hours for women) targeting up to 4 different markets.
  • Clients receive a password for client log in link on website to view and download all captures in low resolution JPEG form.
  • 2 un-retouched Full Resolution Master Image TIFFs ($50 value) are included in 4 look price.

$525 – 2 Look Session includes 1 un-retouched Full Resolution Master Image TIFF ($25 value).

$400 – 1 Look “Refresher” Session (for previous clients who need an update of one specific look) includes 1 un-retouched Full Resolution Master Image TIFF ($25 value).

Hair and Make-up Artist fees: Women – $185 for 4 look shoot,  $165 for either a 2 or 1 look shoot. Men – Make-up is minimal and included in the session fee unless a make-up artist is required (special circumstances) in which case the fee is $95.

Corporate Portrait prices vary, please call to discuss options.

Please call for rates on location shoots or family portrait packages.


  • Additional Full Resolution Un-retouched Masters are $25 for each image. Regular Retouching (20 minute cleaning up) is $30 more per image, payable at the placement of your order. To guarantee the quality of the final image, all retouching is required to be done in-house.
  • Extensive Retouching will be billed at $20 extra for each 15 minute interval beyond a 20 minute clean up. Rate will be quoted with order.
  • In order for me to present my clients with the highest quality retouching, we require that all retouching is done under my oversight and care.

Each session will be custom tailored to the needs of the sitter. We will discuss the purpose and goal of the session and arrive at a logical and artful approach. I shoot tethered to a computer, so we can preview every capture and fine tune each look.
As with all professional photography, the copyright remains the property of the photographer. Prices quoted cover licensing fees for publicity only, please discuss proposed usage at sign up to determine if additional fees apply.

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